1 Simple Steps to Internet Advertising

This article will be assuming you already have a company website that you want advertised in Maryland over the Internet. The techniques described will prove useful if you don't already have a website.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

The first thing we want to do is get your existing website optimized for the search engines. What is meant by optimized?

Keywords, search engines operate on keywords, keywords are search terms. Keywords are what a search engine user types into a search engine to find what they are looking for.

With that in mind, keywords are what you tell the search engine you want to be found under. When a person searching for a product or service types "service they're looking for", they're also going to type in the Maryland locality they live in.

Where do you put the keywords on your site? The title. Websites have more than one title. There is the url itself, that can be considered a title, there is the title of the page, and there is what shows up at the top of the browser.

So you get 3 opportunities to use the keyword, keyword phrase and Maryland in the webpage.

If you do not add "Frederick Maryland" to your company website or company blog, you don't stand much of a chance to being on the first ten search term results pages if your company serves Frederick Maryland.

If you want to come up in the top ten Maryland search engine results, you had better use the word Maryland more than once on your webpage. You had better use the entire keyword combined with the keyword Maryland if you want to come up in the top ten.

Why is that? Let's say a person needs a to find a printer to get business cards printed up. If they type "printers" in a search engine they are going to see links to where they can buy a printer. So they get smarter and add something to the search term, for example:

printers in Maryland

Which returns this result:

Printers Directory of Maryland Printers Directory of Maryland, Find or Locate Printers, toner, ink, cartridges, printer, cartridge, cards, inkjet, hp, canon, drives, digital, photo, ...

This is NOT a printing company, it is a printing company directory. Why does that come up and not a local printing company? Because the webmaster doing the search engine optimization is more highly skilled than the local webmasters.

Rather than try to beat the directory webmaster, I suggest you use the directories existing page rank to help your little (by comparison) printing company website to rank higher.

Incoming Links.

How does a search engine determine who gets to be number one and who gets to come in second and so forth?

The precise answer to that question is a tightly kept secret within the search engine head quarters, but it's generally known that link popularity figures prominently in the rankings.

The term link popularity warrants an article unto itself and is beyond the scope of this article. Google the term and see what Wikipedia says about link popularity when finished with this article.

There are two aspects of link popularity: The total number of other websites that carry your link on it. The quality of those websites.

If the Frederick News Post website has your link on it and the Washington Post has your link on it, which one do you think is going to carry more weight?

Coming back to the directory being #1 in the search engine.

As a local small business, you're not going to be able to knock that directory out of his number one spot, but that also means your competitor isn't going to be able to do so either.

All you can hope for is to be the only real company listed in a field of useless links to directories. And how can you do that?

If you can't beat them, join them. Search for the directories that are ranking high in the search terms you want to be found under and list your website with them.

In most cases the directory is likely to have a free listing option, or offers reciprocal linking.

For now, take all the incoming links you can get, it's not going to hurt anything, it can only help.

David Bruce Jr is a Maryland Internet Advertising Consultant.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Bruce

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0 Baby Steps to Advertising

Advertising should be an easy thing to do but in this day and age that's not the reality.

With so many websites doing the same thing how do you stand out from the rest and what makes you better and why,Well that's what you have to prove when advertising ,you have to grab attention and focus really hard on what you believe in or what ever your advertising.

Believe in yourself and what you aiming for because with out this your sure to fail.

You see if you believe in yourself and what your advertising or promoting there will be no stopping you,You can't start something and forget it later,I seen this happen a couple of times including myself,How do you think other Internet millionaires start off? Not over night that's for sure.Just stick with what you know and what you want achieve.

Now,Here are some good tips to help in your new advertising adventure,Start off with "word of the mouth" This can be the cheapest and easiest form of advertising,Besides this is how it started right? Back then they didn't have computers
,printers,business cards etc...

Next,is getting your link out there by submitting to directories,article sites,linking with sites relevant to yours,and last but not least optimizing your pages with keywords you use to described your Field and what you might think users will search for when searching through google,yahoo etc.Make sure you use a couple of keywords in your title this is very important as well.

This is just some ways to get you started but as you become familiar with advertising you will gradually know the game of advertising and what works and what don't.

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0 7 Quick Tips Toward a Successful Blog

If you want to Position yourself to be successful in blogging, The first thing you must have is a successful blog and here is 7 top tips that enable you to moving forward.

From my past blog teaching experienced, Not many people have the right concept of blogging with blog, they started blogging and thinking that with an hour or two a day they can become famous and earn several thousand dollars a month or more. I advocate part-time blogging with a successful blog for a full-time income, but that is not an overnight outcome. If you think it will happen to you within a week, a month, you are going to be disappointed.

It takes work, especially at the start, to build a successful blog, but the rewards make it worthwhile. If your timetable is presently full and you are not prepared to make room for regular, and I mean regular work on your blog, you probably shouldn’t jump into the game just yet without building a successful blog. Here what you need to follow toward a successful blog in your blogging life.

1. Writing Good or Valua-able Blog Content Successful blogs all have one thing in common – they improve people’s lives. If your blog is to do the same, You have to determine what it is you can offer that can improve the lives of other people. Content is the value you offer to the public. Please remember each blog post does not have to be in lenghth. It can be as little as one to two paragraphs. Keep in mind that whatever you post should be valuable to the user and elicit a response.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Write Blog Post Writing your own content is the best decision when blogging. Blog readers prefer conversational blog posts more than salesy or info posts where you can see most of the succesful blog have it. When you are merging content, don't be afraid to re-write parts.

3. Be An Active Blogger For Your Blog Blog Frequently, at least a few times per week. The biggest mistake made by bloggers is to let weeks or even months go by without blogging. If your blog is not being updated it will no longer be considered "sweet" to the search engines, by that I mean it will be considered a "dead" blog and SEs won't visit your blog as often.

4. Research Is Very Important (Stealing Idea) Research the most popular or successful blog within your topic or category, you can use google search engine or any others search engines or blog directories for your research. Look at what they are doing and try to model their sucess without copying exactly.

5. Become Apart of The Blogging Community Start leaving comments on other successful blog where they are relavent to your topics, and then eventually leave a link back to your site after creating a relationship.

6. Keep Getting Links To Your Blog You may aware that most successful blog has great ranking. You need to build more backlink to you blog, you may add your links to the internet directories to gain more backlines, or you may consider to add your blog in 3-ways link network as what I did to get automatically 250 quality and relavent backlink to each of your blog upto blogs, although it does require a small pay amount, but its worth and save your time from building link your own in effective way.

7. Always Know Your Traffic and Optimize Monitor your blog stats to see where your traffic is originating. It is important that you use a web stats program that can show you how many people are "bookmarking" your site. A good bookmark ratio is a good sign that people are interested in your blog and have plans on re-visiting it.

Being new to blogging, there are many fundamentals you need to pick up and further master it toward a successful blog, such as setting up a self host blog and so on. You may self learn on how to do it probably or you may consider join my 2 days Internet Blog Coaching program (with 6 more times after course review). If you are looking for Proper Guidance to master about blogging Basic, I am here to help you.

It's critical that you actually willing to do what I tell you to do before you consider joining our blog coaching program, or you risk wasting your time and mine. I don't want people in this program who don't take action. You must have a desire to building successful blog and You must be prepared to invest time a few hours every weeks or every days if possible! I hope to see your in my March 2009 Coahing : )

By Kenneth sea

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0 How to Write a Perfect Blog

The primary goal of a blog is to persuade your visitors to read the contents. As the internet is flooded with blogs on any topic that anyone can imagine, it is really a hard job to keep the attention of the visitors.

Regular readers of blogs have learned to to sift through blogs by scanning for any specific topic that catch their attention rather than reading the entire blog entry. Understanding this reader filtering technique should clearly show you must follow suit by creating attention getting information that makes the reader wish to learn more after just a few seconds. Use the following suggestions to improve your blog posts.

Throw text fireworks in the air to get the blog reader to learn more through attention getting headlines: Clearly emphasize through font control key points that will show that you have relevant information to share. Showing such care of critical thoughts will give the reader more control of reading your blog post. They can quickly concentrate on the areas of your article that they are most interested. Keep those highlighted entries highly focussed and reader attractive.

Another trick to attract visitoras attention is to keep an image at the beginning of the blog. Beautiful images keep the visitor in the page for more time and the chances are that he will attempt to read the contents also.

Fire away with bullet points: Bullets points in lists are highly effective in quickly conveying your points in a condensed format. Such brief points attracts the blog reader to read and more importantly think of what you have stated. Reading such concise points builds interest and increases the odds they will read the rest of your blog.

Build the article and then craft the title: It seems obvious but the title really needs to be the distillation of the article. Its much easier to pen the attention getting headline title after you have completed the entire thought of the article and it is still fresh in your mind.

Every now and then writing a divisive title or going against the normal way of common thinking about a topic is the most excellent way to get the visitorsa attention. But if you are using controversial topics make sure that you have sufficient matter in the content to substantiate your title.

End with an open ended question: To encourage the visitors to leave their thoughts and opinions always end the blog with a thought provoking question. The user will leave more interesting writings as their comments. This way you enhance your blog with the opinions of a group of visitors attached to it.

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0 SEO - Best and Most Effective Internet Marketing Method

One of the most effective methods to have good rankings is getting SEO or we may say getting a website optimized and making them search engine friendly. Many other online marketing can help you avail good amount of web traffic very quickly however if a company is targeting long term goals, there is no better option then Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Services has expertise and knows various methods to optimize the website. They understand which method to employ as every website has a different requirement. However if you have a very limited budget and it will be difficult for you to pay for the SEO services then you can conduct research related to the same and can implement some simple methods on your own.

What ever you may choose, ensure that you educate yourself with the basics of SEO so that if you employ a consultant you may be able to easily identify with the techniques that he will use. This will also help you to make certain that the consultant is making use of most effective and ethical practice.

Also, the other technique you may apply to get the rankings is to put the relevant, keyword rich content on your website. The content should be so informative and lucrative that it may catch the attention of the reader in the first place and a reader would want to pay visit again, whenever in need of the same information again.

Those the SEO is the proven technique as most effective Internet Marketing. I hope every one will agree with me.


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0 Tips on Building Web Traffic

It can be a big shock when people first find out that just building a website and then finding the right host isn't enough to make you rich. Some people are put off when they find out that being successful is more than just plunking your website down on the Internet. They find out soon enough that you actually need to do things to drive web traffic to your site will all the competition that you'll face in any particular niche.

So there are generally some givens that have emerged over the years as the best ways to drive traffic to your site and following is at least a partial list.

Article Marketing.
Now here's a method that's worked well for thousands of people in business on the Internet. The idea here is simple. You supply an interesting and informative article to the syndication place that distributes your articles and get links back to your site from the bio that appears at the bottom.

It's always been all about content and this gives you a way to supply new stuff to your site on a constant basis. Remember that to increase the ranking for your site the content will have to be refreshed constantly.

You need to look for trusted directories that have your niche in mind here. You need to be careful to ensure that you get the ones that are trustworthy. Keep in mind these come in the paid and unpaid variety.

There are other ways as well and the list keeps building as more innovative ways are found. One of the more interesting ways to get the word out for a new site is to guest host at someone else's blog. Usually you can get a link supplied that will point back to your site. Above all, everyone involved in the Internet Marketing warns that you should be patient. Remember that even the most popular websites take a few years to get going.

By Robert

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0 Generate 100 Visitors to Your Blog in Less Than 10 Minutes Now

Are you ready to learn how to get 100 visitors to your site at light speed? Even if you are building a brand new website, you can get those 100 visitors today.

I do it all the time, and I am going to show you how you, too can do it, step by step...

Ready? Just a word, before you start, print this article or grab pen and take notes. Oh yea, and don't forget: If you don't take action, this article isn't going to help you.

Just a last thing: The first time will take longer than 10 minutes, because you need to set up everything. But believe me, it is worth it.

Here it is:

Step 1: Right after you finish your next blog post, head over onlywire.com.

Step 2: Sign up and register with all the Social Bookmarking site there (it will take you less than 30 minutes). You will need to confirm.

Tip: only one email and one password for all the web 2.0 sites.

Step 3: Drag the link to your toolbar (it's easy, don't worry).

Step 4: Now, head over ekstreme.com/socializer/ and add the link to your toolbar (Like you did in step 3 above)

Step 5: Now, come back to your blog, and be sure to click on the last title (you are not going to bookmark the home page, but the exact post)

Step 6: Click on the "Save Page (std)" on your toolbar, and add your main keywords + a small description

Step 7: Click submit. That's it, you just submitted your blog post to 19 web 2.0 sites, and you will get a surge of traffic guaranteed.

Step 8: Now click on the "Socialize this" button on your toolbar (you added it at step 4)

Step 9: Choose the most popular sites, and submit your post. Bingo, another surge of traffic from reddit, Digg, blinklist, Stumbleupon and others.

Note: Be sure that you are submitting quality content, and that you are not just spamming those websites. If you have good content, they will read your blog, and comment. You will even get subscribers.

Here is my quick and easy method to get hundreds of visitors to my new blog posts in second.

By Franck Silvestre

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0 7 Steps How to Generate Easy Second Income in Affiliate Marketing

Most people who want to generate easy second income from home do not know how they can do so. The best way for beginner to do this is to learn the proven 7 steps how they are able to do so…

1. Choose a profitable market. This is going to be the foundation of your internet business. Therefore, do this seriously. Find out a profitable market where the people are willing to spend to solve their problems.

2. Narrow down the market to lower the competition. You need to target a niche market because niche marketing is the easiest way to create easy second income in affiliate marketing.

3. Find out what problems your market is facing and locate an affiliate product that will serve as the right solution to your market. Make sure you choose the right solution to the right problem. Don’t sell weight loss pill to people who want to learn how to train their dogs.

4. Create a lead capture page to capture the contact information of your visitors. Use an auto-responder for this. If you do not know how to do this, just outsource it. In fact, building a lead capture page is not complicated; it takes only about 10 minutes if you know how to do it.

5. Prepare a few follow up emails in your auto-responder and try to insert your affiliate link in your follow up emails as well. Remember, you need to pre-sell your leads with quality content that they are looking for. Build trust and relationship with your list so that you will have higher conversion. Everything will be automated once you have your auto-responder ready, this is how you can generate easy second income from the comfort of your home.

6. Drive traffic to your lead capture page. Traffic generation is all about taking action. So create your traffic plan and do something to generate traffic to your website everyday. For instance, you can use forum marketing, article marketing, paid advertising and more for this.

7. Track the performance of your business and keep on improving it until you have made at least $1,000 from it.

These are the 7 steps how to generate easy second income in affiliate marketing. It is not complicated and it is not a rocket science. So take the first step now and make your dreams come true today.

By Shawn Lim
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0 7 Steps to Make Online Income From Your Home

Do you want to make online income from the comfort of your home? With the help of the internet, it is getting more and more people working from their home and still makes a nice living from it. If you want to be one of them, you must follow through these 7 steps below…

1. No matter business you are in, if you want to generate income from it, you must first choose a profitable market. Once you have identified your market, try to narrow it down into smaller niche market so that you can dominate it more easily.

2. The second step to make online income is to find out what are the problems that people in your market are facing. Try to find out the needs of your market, the problems they are facing and then look for an affiliate product that will work as the right solution to their problems.

3. It is all about supply and demand therefore promote the affiliate product to your market and make online income from this.

4. Build a blog so that you can connect with your market. You don’t need to be an expert in web building. The most important factor in generating sales is in the content of your blog. Provide quality and useful content that people in your market are looking for. Your content will work as the pre-sell material that will put your visitors into buying mindset before they go through your affiliate’s website.

5. Make sure you insert your affiliate links in the articles in your blog. Remember, don’t focus in generating money from your visitors, instead, stay focused in how you can help and bring out the best to help the people in your market.

6. To make online income, you will need to have visitors to visit your blog. This is often called traffic generation. So create a traffic plan and take consistent action everyday according to your traffic plan. As long as you take the right action, traffic will come.

7. Keep on improving and tracking the performance of your blog. Focus in only promoting one affiliate product in a time.

This is how you can make online income from your home. As long as you stick to these 7 steps mentioned above, generating money from the internet will not be a problem for you. So take the first step to make your dreams come true now.

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0 Survive Online Recession With Internet Marketing Techniques

Recession has over-shadowed all business worldwide making it difficult for companies to survive and earn profits. World Wide Web is also experiencing the pinch of this global financial mess. So the question remains how to put forth your business, which internet marketing tricks can work and how to get customers to your website? We have tried to cover some practical and feasible internet marketing strategies that might prove to be lucrative to your site:

Technique of email marketing- Attracting the target customer to your website is not the sure shot indication that they would make a sale. Regular follow-up is necessary to pursue them for converting them to your clients. For it you can send personalized e-mails to customers with relevant information like product details, promotional offers, case studies, etc. In email marketing mails can be setup once and used repeatedly. This strategy has proved to be useful in maximum instances.

Blogging- It is the latest internet marketing tool being used by small, medium and large scale businesses. This medium gives essential details about the products and services being offered by your company. Blogging makes it easier to add new content to your website, giving factor of novelty thus encouraging visitors to visit again and again for quality content.

PPC marketing- This strategy is highly effective way of online advertising and can calculate also how many visitors have clicked on to our advertisements. Whereas in magazines or newspapers it is very difficult to measure how many people have noticed your neither ad nor response can be noted.

Put up Audio and video- Use of multimedia is a great online marketing tool that can glue the customers to your website. Videos related to your company or business can be posted quite easily on YouTube giving the desired information in highly interactive manner. Audio in the podcast form can be also added to a website. These marketing tools can use the already written content and present it in a different format for wider mass appeal.

SEO- This web service goes a long way in optimizing your website according to the search engine requirements making it one of the most favorite internet marketing tools. When a website ranks higher is a SERP, its chances of getting bigger business increases.

Social networking- Having wider social network expands your database of target customers and introduce your business to much larger audience. If you deal with any specialize area of business, in such instances also social networking would prove to be efficient.

Those were some online marketing strategies
that can prove to be a savior for your online business and earn profits in the era of global recession.

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0 Drafting Web paramount stages

Drafting Web paramount stages

* Planning of the contents text

* Organization for the drafting

* Optimization of the writing Web.

Drafting of contents text and leading article

* Drafting of press release

* Drafting of card produces for shop E-trade

* Drafting for written press magazines, newspapers, fanzines

* Drafting of leading contents format rough text for Internet site or blog

* Realization of files and kits of press intended for the journalists and media.

Optimization Contained Text and leading Referencing

At the present time will it is imperative to write single contents of text, why say to me?

The search engines do not take into account Duplicate Content (contained duplicated).

Each text written for the Web must be single and original in order to improve your referencing of site and visibility exponentially it is for these reasons that the way of writing for the Web must be Draconian.

The writing Web is paramount to be credible and visible on Internet.

* Do not formulate a drafting text ready with employment formatted included/understood optimized for a leading referencing, with this formula you do not have any more but to put directly on line your text.

Realization of commercial plate, documents

The writer Web Pascal Gibert can undertake the drafting of contents intended for your internal communication for company.

* Memorandums

* Documents for your merchandising

* Models of letters for suppliers or partners customers

* Commercial plate with the format text and pdf.

Press Contact

* Pascal Gibert, Relations Presses

* Email

In connection with Communiques-presse.com

To know to communicate to be visible and credible in order to emphasize the brand image of its company.
Service of press release on line, articles, communication and effective marketing relay for the news agencies.
Press release for journalist, press attaché, arranges relations presses, written press, professionals of information.
Press release is an essential source for a journalist, newspapers and writer of leading contents.

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0 Why Internet Marketing is Essential for a New Business Website

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Marketing builds awareness. Awareness lets potential customers find out about your product or service. Just as with a bricks and mortar business, marketing is essential in order to let people know your business offer exists.

Although the World Wide Web can be thought of as a media channel where prospects will see your copy day after day, for more details visit to www.forum-marketing-videos.com the truth is that unless you attract those prospects to your website first then your efforts are in vain.

The term 'World Wide Web' should really have a fourth word, 'Wilderness', because that's where any website begins and stays if no efforts are made to attract visitors.

Any business that builds a store, for example, must make efforts to attract custom in order to succeed. The very same principle applies online and just as in the offline world, the amount of benefits reaped is proportional to the amount of effort put in.

In order to maintain any kind of competitive advantage, sustained efforts must be made with a long term plan in mind.

Compared to traditional offline methods of marketing, one of the distinct advantages of marketing online is the speed at which new marketing strategies can be put to test. For example, a pay per click campaign
could be launched and the results analysed all in a single day. Such campaigns can promote the smallest businesses amongst the largest industry relevant websites viewed by thousands of qualified prospects.

One of the greatest Internet marketing fallacies is those services offering automated submission to hundreds of search engines as an effective means of search engine promotion
. When 80% of all search engine usage is carried out using the three largest search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN), for more details visit to www.outsource-beginners.com the only others worth being included in are those that are highly relevant and/or localised. This means that automated submission services such as these can offer limited benefit and then only to those websites that don't already appear in a search engine's listings.

The effectiveness of these types of automated and unspecific services quickly becomes diluted when they are made readily available to all.

For an effective Internet marketing that delivers significant and measurable results, there is no substitute for a well-structured, customised approach making the best possible use of the technologies available.

Building a successful Internet business starts with building a website and continues with effective marketing.
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0 Marketing dan Sales? Yah jelas BEDA lah....

Saat ini, di Indonesia sangat banyak individu atau perusahaan yang menyamakan antara Sales dan Marketing. PADAHAL keduanya jelas BERBEDA.
Dalam pekerjaan, seorang SALESMAN dikatakan berhasil jika orang tersebut telah BERHASIL MENJUAL PRODUKNYA TITIK. Sampai disini tugas Sang SALES telah berhasil. Dan perusahaan pun perlu menghargai hasil pekerjaan sang SALESMAN.
Namun MARKETING adalah satu hal yang berbeda.
Marketing adalah sebuah induk dari Sales atau selling, dan sales adalah bagian dari salah satu proses Marketing.
Marketing adalah sebuah PROSES pemenuhan KEBUTUHAN dan KEINGINAN manusia dengan cara membuat sebuah unit produk atau jasa.
Proses Marketing sendiri jauh lebih rumit dan jauh lebih panjang dibandingkan dengan Selling. Dalam Marketing dikenal 4P (banyak lagi yang menambahkan 5P atau 6P) yang terdiri dari:
1. Product. Seorang Marketing berusaha "mencari tahu" atau melakukan riset untuk mengetahui produk apa saja yang benar-benar DIBUTUHKAN dan DIINGINKAN oleh KITA SANG MANUSIA. (Bukankah ini suatu hal yang mulia....?).
2. Price. Seorang Marketing akan memberikan harga yang sesuai dengan "KEMAMPUAN" sang MANUSIA agar tidak memberatkan dan sehingga PRODUK memang telah BENAR BERMANFAAT dan DIBUTUHAKAN. Itulah mengapa HARGA BAJU di Plaza Senayan bisa jauh berbeda dengan HARGA BAJU di ITC Mangga Dua atau di Proyek Senen. Di Plaza Senayan produk yang ditawarkan memang KHUSUS untuk kalangan BERDUIT yang tidak ingin KEPANASAN. Namun untuk di Proyek SENEN si Konsumen tidak merasakan sebuah KEPANASAN adalah sebuah KEBUTUHAN yang terpenting HARGA LEBIH MURAH.

3. Place. Seorang Marketing perlu mencari saluran distribusi yang tepat dan efisien sehingga produk atau jasa perusahaan DAPAT menjangkau Sang Konsumen. (lagi-lagi agar konsumen TERPENUHI KEBUTUHAN dan KEINGINANNYA)
4. Promotion. Nah disinilah letak Sang Direct Selling. Salah satu cara promosi adalah dengan cara: Periklanan, Direct Selling (salesman), Hubungan Masyarakat (CRM), dan lainnya.

Nah, disini terlihat jelas, kalau Marketing memiliki proses yang lebih panjang daripada selling (penjualan). Seorang Marketing perlu menjaga Product atau Brand product agar sesuai dengan HARAPAN konsumen atau masyarakat. Sedangkan seorang Sales tidaklah perlu menjaga Brand Image karena yang terpenting produk yang dijual LAKU.

Dalam Selling (sales) yang terpenting adalah LAKU. Bodo' amat dengan "pemenuhan kebutuhan apalagi KEINGINAN orang" yang penting UNTUNG TITIK. Disinilah celah dimana banyak orang yang mengasosiasikan MIRING akan seorang MARKETING.

Perbedaan lain adalah:
Arti Sales atau selling adalah penjualan. Targetnya adalah JUALANnya.
Arti Marketing adalah pemasaran. Targetnya PASAR atau orang.

Seorang penjual dikatakan SALESMAN
seorang pemasar (lebih luas) dikatakan MARKETER

Definisi Selling adalah proses penjualan (lebih fokus MEMUASKAN INDIVIDU sendiri/produk laku).
Definisi Marketing adalah sebuah proses MEMUASKAN kebutuhan dan keinginan manusia(lebih luas).

Selling memiliki jangka waktu lebih pendek dalam hal hubungan.
Marketing memiliki jangka waktu yang lebih panjang. Karena dalam Marketing ANDA tidak perlu membeli produk atau jasa yang telah ditawarkan hari ini. Tapi ANDA bisa memberitahu kepada kerabat anda TENTANG KAMI adalah sebuah KEBERHASILAN dalam MARKETING (proses promotion telah tercapai).

Selling tidaklah perlu MENJAGA HUBUNGAN BAIK namun MARKETING SANGAT PERLU MENJAGA HUBUNGAN BAIK baik dalam proses penjualan maupun SETELAH penjualan (after sales service dan Customer Relationship Management).

Kesimpulannya, Siapapun bisa melakukan PENJUALAN namun tidak semua orang mampu melakukan Marketing atau melakukan proses pemuasan kebutuhan dan keinginan manusia(SATISFYING HUMAN NEEDS AND WANTS).

by: Asrulsani

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